What We Do ?

We serve the community by creating and managing social welfare programs and promote community spirit by creating awareness of social issues among the people.

We do this through two types of programs:


1. Beneficiary Programs

2. Knowledge Programs


1. Beneficiary Programs provide assistance to people who are living in social and economic difficulties and struggling to become productive members of the society. Our beneficiary programs inlcude:

  • Educate a Child
  • Income Opportunity
  • Support a Family
  • School Notebooks

2. Knowledge Programs create awareness about particular social issues, perspective of islam on social justice and ethics and help the participants in acquiring knowledge and skills. Under knowledge programs we:

  • Organize training and workshops
  • Organize seminars
  • Publish brochures and magazines


The following campaigns have been launched by our Association:


  • Save Naheed Noor
  • Fund Raising for 2008-9
  • Marathon for a Cause
  • Ziarat Earthquake Relief



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