We’re changing the society. Here’s how to help.

Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers are our strength. Become an Ilm o Amal volunteer to help us by contributing with your time, financial resources or skills. Being a volunteer, you can sponsor and donate as well. You can also help us increase our network by inviting your friends and organizing fundraising events for Ilm o Amal.

To volunteer please fill the Volunteer Application Form and send back to us at info@ilmoamal.org

Become a member

An Ilm o Amal member can refer individuals, families and students for financial support. A member also reviews applications, making sure funds reach most deserving applicants. A member can also be a guardian. A guardian looks after one or more families sponsored by Ilm o Amal. A guardian is responsible for: visiting and counseling them, conveying Ilm o Amal help and updating Ilm o Amal about their present conditions.

Joining hands with Ilm o Amal is easy. Fill and submit the online application form.

Make Donations

Participate with us and help deserving families and children in many different ways. Your donation can sponsor a families income, a child’s education, an individual’s career or become a donation leader.

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