Income Opportunity Program

Under this program, a person is helped to become a productive earning member of the society. He or she is provided with monetary investment or tools of trade as needed.


To provide income opportunities to the needy in Pakistan to make them productive members of the society.

One time Donation:

PKR 25,000

How the program operates?

  1. The applications are initiated and referred by our members.
  2. The applications are verified by our field volunteer and thoroughly reviewed & approved by our management committee.
  3. Approved applications are provided income opportunities e.g. vending carts, small-scale shops, stitching machines etc. or monetary investment.
  4. Our coordinators and volunteers regularly monitor the progress of the beneficiary.

Eligibility Criteria

An applicant must fulfill the following criteria to obtain income opportunity:

  • Lender must have 3 years prior experience of the type of business he or she wishes to do
  • Lender’s business is feasible and can be verified
  • Lender must provide two guarantors

How can you participate?

  • Sponsor a beneficiary by clicking here or writing to us at
  • Join the program as a member and refer applications for benficiaries

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