How We Work ?

Our work process is designed on three principles:

  • Charity begins at home
  • Help those who need help
  • Develop cooperation for welfare

Our process is supported by an online web application called BMS or Beneficiary Management System. Here is an overview of our work process:

1a. Meet the beneficiary and gather the relevant information

1b. Initiate the Application.

Login to Beneficiary Management System (BMS) at and enter the beneficiary information and create an application. Any person with a valid Membership of the association can initiate an application for any of our Programs.


2. Verification

The application is verified by our field volunteer by visiting the beneficiary and gathering all the relevant information that can help the management committee take a decision. The field volunteer submits an online report in the BMS.

3. Approval

The application and the field volunteer report is reviewed by our Management Committee and a decision is taken.


4. Fulfillment

If the application is approved, then a payment request is issued by the Secretary to the Treasurer. All the payments are usually initiated on the first day of each month.


5. Review & Followup

Each open application is reviewed quarterly by the field volunteers and an online report is submitted to the Management Committee.


6. Funding

All the beneficiary applications are initially funded by a pooled fund contributed by our members and donors. Afterwards the applications are made available on the web, with due respect to the privacy of beneficiaries, for sponsorship.

When to write an application?

If a member finds out that a child in her neighborhood is unable to attend the school due to financial constraints of his parents, the member can help the child to obtain a monthly ‘Education Assistance’ from Ilm-o-Amal. Or, if a member learns that a family he knows, is suffering due to lack of resources, the member can help the family to obtain a monthly ‘Family Assistance’ from Ilm-o-Amal. Or, if a member discovers that a family has lost its source of income, it can help them to obtain Income Generation Assistance’ from Ilm-o-Amal.

Note: Income generation allowance is provided as Qarz-e-Hasna (or a loan in kindness without any collateral).

If the above application is verified and approved by the association then the necessary assistance is provided to the beneficiary. The application is then reviewed every quarter.

A Member of Ilm-o-Amal can do this very easily. The Member should gather all the relevant information about the beneficiary, submit an application to Ilm-o-Amal through the ‘Beneficiary Management System’ (BMS) and cooperate with all the other teams to ensure that the required assistance is provided to the beneficiary.

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