I have questions about jobs at Ilm-o-Amal

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Q: What jobs are currently available at Ilm-o-Amal?

A: Visit http://www.ilmoamal.org/?go=careers

Q: How do I apply for a position at Ilm-o-Amal?

A: Please send your resume with the job reference number to info@ilmoamal.org

Q: What volunteer opportunities are currently available?

A: Visit Page http://www.ilmoamal.org/?go=volunteer

Q: What are the requirements for working at Ilm-o-Amal?

A: The scale of voluntary work crosses cultural boundaries and political systems, making it one of the most powerful elements in social development. Today, there are numerous organizations in Pakistan which are fuelled by voluntary work. The common factor shared by all types of volunteers in these organizations is a commitment by the individual to the common good, in that they work not merely for their own interests but for the benefit of others. Our Management team believes in this voluntary spirit. We expect all our team member to work with this spirit and follow the teaching of the Quran which form our basic Muslim values.

Visit Page http://www.ilmoamal.org/?go=careers

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