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Q: What is Ilm-o-Amal? What do you do?

A: Ilm-o-Amal is a non-political and non-sectarian organization, which endeavors to promote social welfare, community spirit and knowledge in our society. It is founded by a group of citizens in Karachi, Pakistan. It is registered under Societies Act XXI of 1860 as a welfare organization.

Ilm-o-Amal is entirely funded by its members or socially aware individuals. Its financial records are audited and are presented to its members.

Q: Who manages Ilm-o-Amal?

A: Visit http://www.ilmoamal.org/?go=team

Q: What is Ilm-o-Amal's address and phone number?

A: Visit Page http://www.ilmoamal.org/?go=contact_us

Q: What is Ilm-o-Amal's purpose or mission statement ?

A: Visit http://www.ilmoamal.org/?go=objectives and http://www.ilmoamal.org/?go=values

Q: In what cities in Pakistan does Ilm-o-Amal work?

A: Ilm-o-Amal has its primary operations in Karachi, Pakistan. However, we do respond to cases needing our humanitarian assistance anywhere in Pakistan.

Q: Does the Association have any affiliations?

A: The association is not affiliated to any sectarian, political or professional group. Its membership is open to everyone who is interested in social works and acquiring relevant knowledge.

Q: What are the programs of the Association?

A: There are two types of programs. The first set of programs is to provide assistance to needy people in our society. These are called Beneficiary Programs. The other type of programs is to share our knowledge and experience of social works. These are called “Knowledge Programs”. .

Q: What are Knowledge Programs?

A: These include workshops and seminars to share our knowledge and experiences related to our social issues, the perspective of our deen, Islam, on these issues, good examples, success stories etc. It also includes printed media like brochures and magazines, and electronic media like this Internet Website.

Q: Are the books of Association audited?

A: Yes, the books are audited and the statements are presented to the Members regularly.

Q: What are the current Beneficiary Programs?

A: Visit http://www.ilmoamal.org?go=programs

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