Children Scholarship Program

Under this program, we support the education of underprivileged children (from montessori to Grade X) by covering their expenses of tuition fee, books, notebooks, conveyance expense etc.


To provide free schooling to children who cannot afford it.

How the program operates?

  1. Application form is initiated and referred to by our members.
  2. The applications are verified by field volunteers. Verified, eligible applications are reviewed and approved by the management committee.
  3. Coordinator coordinate with the school for providing school fee and progress.
  4. Coordinators and volunteers regularly monitor the progress of the students.

If you need a Scholarship Request Form

Download PDF OR Submit Online

See sample application click here

How can you educate a Child?

You can educate a child by sponsoring him or her. Online profiles of beneficiaries are available. You can select a child to sponsor by completing the sponsorship form on each profile.