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Ilm-o-Amal - List of Supported Beneficiaries

10. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Diabetes
A Widow of 47 years old. She widowed about 20 years ago. She is a high blood pressure and diabetic patient. She had no any child. After the death of her husband she adopted a baby girl. Her adopted daughter was married but was murdered by shooting by her husband just after her first baby birth. This widow was also injured and got bullet injury at that time. Now she recovered. She lives with her married sister and brother-in-law in their house. Her brother in law is a peon in a bank and cannot support all her expenses along with his own family expenses. She was introduced by a member of Ilmoamal and after reviewing her case and sickness, a monthly allowance was approved for her medicines and food.

15. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Beneficiary worked as a driver in a local bank but lost his job due to layoffs.. He has been trying for last many years to get a permanent job but due to his poor sight, hearing problems and health, was never retained for more than couple of months. He seems to older and weak against his true age. Our assistance helps the beneficiary to meet some basic needs of his family.

26. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
The beneficiary and his wife have no source of income . He was a newpaper vendor due to accident lost his job. His wife is a also handicapped. She used to prepare and sell pickles (acchar) in her home but due to age she has discontinued the same. . Their daily expenses are support by their married daghter whose husband is also not earning much and has five children.

144. Location:karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Mental Health
This help was started in the name of Mr. Ghulam Mustafa in Feb-2008. He was getting help since than. Unfortunately he passed away after suffering from many diseases in Dec-2011. His WIDOW Mrs Ghulam Mustafa is the mother of three sons and one daughter, one is sick a kidney patient and one is a mental patient. She was working as maid-servant in houses, now in her old age she cant work anymore. Only one son works, he runs a cart of _Kabari-Meterials_. Her divorced daughter is also living with them having two kids also. A separate help is also being given to her daughter and her kids by Ilmoamal. This family is being helped regularly by Ilmoamal after the demise of (Late) Ghulam Mustafa.

146. Location:Bahtar . Nature of Help:Medical - Diabetes
An unmarried old aged lady of 46 years, a diabetic patient from her childhood, she is taking diabetes medicines from last 32 years, she is living with her 80 years old mother who is also a diabetic and cancer patient from last 32 years. Her father died in 1992 and they have no income generating activity except for a small land through which they gets wheat every year which is just for their eating purposes. The main problem is that this lady has sugar since last 32 years and for this she is taking Humulin injection (Insulin) which is very costly for them. She often goes to the nearby city from her village to check her sugar level and get treatment that cost her to much. She and her widow mother are living in their four-fathers home in the Village Bahtar, Punjab, along with their relatives. One of her old aged widow auntie is also living with them. This three members family is living without any male in her house, although land and house is there but depending only the crops that they get from their land and that is not enough to meet their daily end needs. Therefore, they requested Ilmoamal to help them in getting important medicines and treatments against the diseases and to meet necessary needs in their old ages.

162. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Diabetes
An old age person he is unable to do any work living with his sick wife. He has no source of income he needs the help.

180. Location: Karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Thalessemia
The beneficiary is a Thalessemia patient and 3 years old. His sister has the same disease. Fatimid foundation give discount for sister but not (always) for him. So this help is requested. The salary of the father is very low and with other responsibilities the treatment of the disease is a big burden for them.Read More

205. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Cancer
Benficiary is a cancer patient and lives in Qayyumabad in a one room house. Rent is 2000. His wife and daughter works and earns 6000 a month. He is an unskilled labour. He is a patient of cancer and has been operated three times. NEeds a help of 3000 per month for his treatment and bandage change which costs 100 per day.Read More

208. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Beneficiary is blind by birth. Her husband died in 2004. He was a Quran teacher in Ida Rieu school for blind and deaf. This case is referred by Qudsia Khan, the principal of Ida Rieu. She was two girls and one boy. Elder girl is 17 years old is student of Matric, second is 15 years is in 8th, boys is 11 years old is in 5th.

212. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Beneficiary is divorced. She has three children aged 14, 10 and 10. Due to divorced she is in a very critical condition. No Body is supporting her on a regular basis except few relative who give some money for hard times. She has following expenses: Education for three children Rs.900, Electricity and Gas Rs.400 and Monthly Ration Rs.4,500/- . Total exp around Rs.5,800/-Read More

214. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help

242. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:
Beneficiary is a widow. Her husband was disabled and its been three years since he died. She has a son who is 5 years old. Her husband used to work for steel mill so now she gets Rs.1000 from there per month. she live with her brother and mother. Her brother has a cabin and he sells sweets and biscuits. And the income that he earns from this is not sufficient at all.

245. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Beneficiary Mrs Mubeen lost her husband and only daughter so she lives with her brother and behaviour of her sister in law is not well. Although she is blood prasher patient and got sweeling on her body. She is all alone and worry about bills of her own house . She has kept all home applinces in a room and wants to give on rent the other room.

270. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:
Beneficiary has 5-6 sons and is about 70 years old. All his sons have kicked her out and her brother betrayed and took her home and all the stuff she had. Now she lives alone in some quarter and since she doesnt have any money she cant afford to pay for utilities as a result she lives without light and gas. She has become a bit of psycho and only visit my sisters house and is always scared that someone will take her belongings. She has no source of income and she is a severe patient of sugar.

312. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
A retired person living with his old aged wife in a rented flat. He has no child. At this age he is suffering from old age diseases. He is getting Employee Old Age Benefit pension amount, that is very little. They are white collar people. They don't have any source of income other than this. He requested Ilmoamal to help him.

328. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Beneficiary is 80 years old and lives with his wife, one son and with one widow daughter. His wife is very sick. Her one kidney is totally failed and she is also a sugar patient. Her medical expenses are too much. His one son is mental patient. and one grand child is also a psycho patient. They are the affectees of 1973 flood. Their conditions are worse even they sold their fans. Some relatives help them.

404. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help

415. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:
A very young age female student of 14 years old, is a diabetic patient from her childhood. Parents are very poor and have two other school going children. She is getting treatment for her diabetes regularly. She is also suffering from back bone pain, treatment is getting from Civil Hospital Karachi. Father is jobless mother is stitching clothes earning is very little. She and her other two siblings are getting education. Parents income is not enough to meet daily end needs, education expenses and necessary medicines expenses. Therefore, she requested to Ilmoamal to help her family so that she and her siblings may get education, proper food and necessary medicines.

458. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:
A lady of 76 years old . She is a widow and lives with her one sick and two widow daughters, one widow daughter has three children too. They are living in a rented house jointly. They are living with no elderly male person or earner and no any support. The lady requested ILMOAMAL for family help.

595. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:
Muhammad Tariq is an office assistance. He already performs a number of activities (1) helping mr ahmad faraz during payments process (2) reviews (3) reading room activities including supervising the books delivery and developing new reading rooms.

874. Location:KARACHI . Nature of Help:
This lady is doing field visits as per action assigned to her time to time, she is also doing work as a Family Help Coordinator to manage the Family Help visits and update current status of the beneficiaries. She is an educated and laborious lady. She joined Ilmoamal to do some welfare work. Ilmoamal has provided many people to earn some amount by performing field visits and manage the routine work. Ilmoamal has provided her job and paid her a reasonable amount per visit. By this amount she became able to do some thing better for her family.

904. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
A lady is 30 years old lives with her husband & 02 children in a rented house. Her husband Khizar 40 years works in a garment factory having two kids. She is a house wife, she is physically very weak, she unable to do any job. She requested for Family help

928. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
A Widow living with her only one child of 08 years old, nobody is to support her except her younger married brother she is living with on his residence. She is an Asthma Patient too and need medicines for daily basis. No any source of income

941. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Muscular Dystrophy
Ghulam Mustafa has been suffering from Paralyzed since March, 2010. All the savings spent for the treatment but not fully recovered, unable to walk without any support, cannot do any work, living at home on bed rest. He has school going four children, facing difficulties to meet daily end needs. He and his family members living with patience and hope for betterment from the Almighty Allah.

951. Location:KARACHI . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Cable Net connection used for Ilmoamal office work

956. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Inter Net Device, used at Ilmoamal Karachi Office by COO Ilmoamal, for monitoring, checking and managing all Ilmoamal Works on its Web Page.

965. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Conveyance and Telephone Calls Charges for review of Family Help-Education Help-Income Loan Help- other executive works

982. Location:KARACHI . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Family Coordinator salary for working as Family help Coordinator-2, coordinate among the members of Management Committee and the family help beneficiaries, look after and monitor all cases. Also as a guardian of different beneficiaries distribute the help amount amongst them. When the visit to the beneficiaries required do an urgent visit and put the necessary comments time to time. Responsible for all family help, monitoring and do assign visits to the field volunteer.

1018. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
This Lady lives alone with her 5 kids. Husband has left her. She has a land in Lyari Basti that is established by City District Government and populated by those people who were displaced during construction of Lyari By Pass Road. Now she lives in a rented house as her house got destroyed in rain.

1019. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Mental Health
A WIDOW of 65 years old and does not have any permanent source of income. She lives on donations and charities. Her main problem is 25 years old son who is mentally unstable and she has to take care of him both financially and mental illness. He was sent to Edhi home for sometime but he could not live there without his mother and came back to her mothers place. They need desperate financial help. They live in a relative’s house as they do not have a house of their own. She is also very sick and weak due to old age.

1112. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
An old aged lady of 42 years, un-married, living in her late father house with 04 brothers and 02 sisters. She is un-married and adopted her late eldest sister s daughter after her death and looking after her, she is school going child and studying in Grade-IX. She also adopted her poor and second sister s daughter who is also school going child. She is in KG-I. She is also looking after her. She was some healthy and earning good by stitching cloth in home. She is suffering from Diabetes and High Blood Pressure from last 02 years . Due to Diabetes she became ill with a wound in her leg that is not healing. Doctor advised her for an operation of the wound. She has not enough money to do so. This illnesses made her weak and can not do much stitching. The earnings came down and she can not meet daily end needs, adopted children education expenses and her necessary medicines. She requested Ilmoamal to help her.

1116. Location:karachi . Nature of Help:
A widow lady is unable to see with eyes only son has two kids also. they live in a rented house requested for Family Help.

1211. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help

1212. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Mrs. Perveen is a WIDOW, living with her one son and one daughter in her own Flat, both are young but unmarried. His son became mental sick after the death of his father. Now he is a person who sufferred from weak memory. He is a _Schizophrenia_ patient. Therefore, he can not do any job properly, treatment is going on, due to poor financial condition they can not afford the heavy cost of treatrment. Her daughter is a school teacher and she is the only person to support her family. In teaching earnings are not sufficient therefore they sufferred a lot.

1213. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
A divorced and injured lady. She is only about 30 years old and divorced 05 years ago due to addicted husband. She was a working lady but his hip joint was broken after slipping from the stairs before two months. She was admitted in one of govt. hospital but due to arthopedic surgery was very costly and her poverty she came back to home and laying on bed helplessly. She has three tin aged children. The only son is of 11 years old and working with a fruit seller, getting Rs. 100/- per day. There is one welfare trust named: Sayeedi Welfare Trust that is working in that vacinity is helping her by Rs. 2000/- monthly and some grocerries too. She is living in one room rented house with no cooking facilities. Due to her poverty her mother who is also very poor send some cooked food or they buy from outside and eat those. This family condition was brought on cable TV-A+ by the help of Sayeedi Wlfare Trust but no any responce is there. Mr. Ashraf of the trustee contact: 0345-2199085. This case was also brought to one of the members of management committee of Ilmoamal and an action has been made by providing grocessories urgently to this family and on his request this application is created to help this family immediately and monthly wise.

1217. Location:karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Beneficiary Hameed Ahmed died in July 2013. He left behind WIDOW 40 yrs old , 2 children, son and daughter. He was suffering from skin diseases (itching) for last 20 yrs and could not get proper treatment due to poverty. He was doing job as a sweeper, his son danish 10 yrs old, goes to Madrasa and daughter shamir 4 yrs old not admitted in any educational institute. Financial condition of this family is not good, This help is being continued in his widow name after his demised.

1255. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:
A men is a Sugar patient. He is unable to walk since 2 years. He has 7 daughters and one son. He is jobless since 8 years. His wife passed away, he requested to ILMOAMAL for Family help.

1295. Location:karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
she is widow since last 05 months.. her husband was a mechanic of AC he died due to failure of kidneys.She has no source of income & the relative are also so poor.Her children abandoned their education due to no support from others. She requested to Ilmoamal for family help & for her orphan children education ...thanks ... regards Waseem Khan

1376. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Cancer
A lady is cancer patient, having five kids could not get education properly. She lives with maternal relatives. Husband is also mentally weak, has no proper source of income. Depending on others help. She is in trouble and requested ILMOAMAL for Family Help.

1383. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Diabetes
This app referred and sponsored by Mr. Abdul Aleem. Danish Alvi, 31 years old, patient of high blood pressure and diabetics, got an stroke before three and half years, dropped on the road unconsciously, people carried him to hospital, diagnosed high blood pressure and diabetics patient, kidney functions failed, dialysis had been carried out three times a week since than, all savings spent on treatment, now a welfare organization bearing all dialysis expenses, due to poverty wife is living with her sister and Danish Alvi living with her mother in a rented flat of her mother. Wife is stitching cloths of others, application referred by Ilmoamal senior member to help this family.

1391. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help

1414. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:
Mr. Akram Fareed, 59 years old, patient of Hepatitis -C, left-side lung totally damaged ,remaining also working not well. He had a small printing press and was running very successfully, due to this disease all machines and accessories were sold out one by one. His financial position came down to earth. His wife and two children left him, he is now living alone with the help of some kind people, he passed his night by sleeping in a shop at night, no home no shelter.Medicines are costly, he has siblings who are also poor and aged and can not help him. He requested Ilmoamal to help him.

1451. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:Medical - Thalessemia
Umair Jabbar a kid of 05 years suffering from -Thalassemia- since his infant time. He is getting treatment since 03 months age. His father Abdul jabbar 40 years old, an uneducated man, is a labour to a contractor of Yasinabad Graveyard-FB Area from last 20 years. He lives in a rented house with other three children and wife Ameena 29 years old, she is educated to Grade-VII, Although he is uneducated labour, having a child suffering from _-Thalassemia- since his infant time, continuous treatment which is expensive, with wife and other 03 school going children, he worked hard to survive with her sick child and other family members. He requested Ilmoamal to share his burden to run his kitchen expenses and provide his sick child treatment expenses.

1525. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Naeem Jamal Noor living with his old aged father alone, has low earnings, after taking loan from others he bought a one room house in his poor vicinity, now he has no longer money to return back it, if he pay the amount in installments then he would be not able to fulfill his daily expenses. He requested Ilmoamal to help him, Mr. Shoaib Ansari one of Ilmoamal respected members and the referrer of this application sponsored it.

1526. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
Muhammad Aslam. age 70 years, living with his only unmarried son in a rented house. Son earning is about Rs, 15000/- per month, while house rent is Rs. 7500/- including utilities expenses per month. Mohammad Aslam is a patient of High Blood Pressure, Joint pain and other old age diseases, He has in bad financial condition, requested Ilmoamal to help him in daily expenses and medicines so they may survive in the current high inflation.

1620. Location:Karachi . Nature of Help:General Family Help
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