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Ilm-o-Amal Mobile library is a unique concept. It brings books to the children in their school instead of children going to a library. Every week our mobile librarian visits the school and brings interesting reading books to the children. The children can borrow up to 3 books at one time. Books are issued for a week. At present the school is operating in the North Karachi Town in Karachi City. See Map
You can participate in this project in many different ways:
  • Donate Books
  • Register your school for library project
  • Help us in meeting the expenses of the library
Write to us at info@ilmoamal.org if you wish to participate.

Target: 3000 books by End of June 2010, Collected 1952
Library is now operational

See List of Books Collected

Library Team

Slide Show Nov 12 2009

Mobile Library Presentation

Mobile Library FAQs

Flyer to Request Book (PDF)

Flyer to Request Book (Doc format - change as required )

Mobile Library School flyer (PDF)

Mobile Library School flyer (DOC)

Mobile Library School Survey and Application for school to join the program



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mobile library..
i want to know about this mobile libraray plz..

from Anonymous

1366 books April 15 2010
1366 books April 15 2010

from Saif Manzoor

1210 Books on March 18 2010
1210 Books on March 18 2010

from Saif Manzoor

1118 Books on March 2010
1118 Books on March 2010

from Saif Manzoor

1000 books
I am pleased to announce that we reached the mark of 1000 books on Feb 5 2010

from Saif Manzoor

Update Nov 4 2009
Dear Member Salam I am pleased to announce that our Ilm-o-Amal mobile library started its operations from Nov 3, 2009. Special thanks to our library coordinator Sahar Jabeen for her tireless work to catalogue the books, enter them in LMS and testing the system again and again to iron out all the issues. At present we are serving two campuses (Primary and Secondary) of IISAR Foundation School in North Karachi. We have 500+ books and one field librarian. We will continue this pilot for one-three months before we add more books and field librarian. Targets for next 6 months: Increase book to 2000 (purchases of second hand book, new books from publishers like oxford with whom we have wholesaler agreement, donation) Increase schools to 5 We need following help: Donations to cover our monthly expenses of Rs 10,000/- Donations to acquire about 1500 books (Total Amount of help required About Rs 2lacs) Donations of books. Any ideas or suggestion to improve it. you can email to info@ilmoamal.org To see the library processes login to BMS and click on Library in the top menu Thanks and Best Regards Saif Manzoor Founder Ilm-o-Amal

from Saif Manzoor

Update Oct 17, 2009
Dear Member, This is an update on the mobile library project Date of going online: Oct 25th 2009 School to begin with: IISAR Foundation (near people's chowrangi North Nazimabad Karachi) Number of students to begin with: 25 students (to be increased to 100 in next one month) # of books in library now: approx 500 Expected additional books in next one month: 500 more (for a total of 1000) Source of books: donations, new and old book purchases Status of System: Library Management System is ready and functioning. Team: Education Coordintor: Nida Rehman Library Coordinator: Sahar Jabeen Librarian: Abdul Qadir What help is required and how can you participate: Donation of more books. If you wish to donate write to info@ilmoamal.org . see type of books here http://www.ilmoamal.org/index.php?go=library_books Financial donations to meet library expenses approx. Rs 10,000 per month excluding purchase of books Volunteers to help manage the library and its process Read more here http://www.ilmoamal.org/index.php?go=mobile_library Target for next 6 months: # of schools: 10 schools # of library members: 500 # of books: 3000 # of field librarian on motor bikes: 2 Thanks and Best Regards Saif Manzoor Founder and Secretary, Ilm-o-Amal

from Saif Manzoor Ilm-o-Amal member

Update Aug 7,2009
Dear Member, This is an update on the Mobile Library Project: 1) Library Team has started working on receiveing, cataloging and shelving the books. Library team consists of Abdul Qadir, Zaeem Nadem and Sahar Jabeen. All of these are students and working part-time for the library. 2) Book Shelves purchased and installed in the library 3) About 500 books purchased or received by donation and being entered in the system 4) Requisition made for Motor bike 5) We are in the proces of selecting the first 5 schools 6) We are contacting Oxford Pubslishing house for purchasing books and agreeding any discounts if possible Read more here http://www.ilmoamal .org/index. php?go=mobile_ library We need 1) Financial help to purchase books and motorcycle 2) Donation of books If you wish to help us in this project please write to me at smanzoor@rocketmail .com Regards, Saif Manzoor Secretary, Ilm-o-Amal

from Saif Manzoor Ilm-o-Amal member

Aug 6, 2009 Update
The library shelves have been acquired. More than 500 books are acquired and are being entered in the system. Target is to have 1000+ books by the end of September so the we can launch the library after Eid in October 2009..Saif

from Saif Manzoor Ilm-o-Amal member

to donate books
Please send email to info@ilmoamal.org with the list of your books and location. we will contact you for collection of books. saif

from Saif Manzoor

mobile library
excellent idea.to donate books who do i contact?

from Amna Zubairi

Mobile Library
Absolutely brilliant! This idea sould certainly be pusued!

from Khulud Baig Ilm-o-Amal member

Mobile Library
Ilm-o-Amal Team, I cant tell you how happy I am to hear this idea and the process map the team has come up with. This gives our kids and next generation a great opportunity to get into the reading habbits. Starting small is the way to go and always proove to be the best way to grow. I was also going through the e-mail trail and one of the e-mails were around using the same idea for medicines which are expiring. I think that will also be a great thing to think of. You have my full support and I will arrange a small shipment of books from Canada. May Allah reward all your efforts.

from Ibrahim Hamid

Mobile Library
Alhumdolillah another great initiative. I am excited and pray for the success of this program.

from Anonymous

Mobile Library
Great ideas are coming. Mr. Ahmad Faraz idea is very near to be implementation after some necessary improvement and amendments. I hope that a better result may be achieved with a dedicated team leader and team members. Regards Halim

from Sheikh Abdul Halim

mobile Library
This idea totally fascinated me and I fully support it. I read Mr.Faraz's ideas and they are really good. But I just want to make one addition that instead of plastic covering every page of the book what if we make photo copies of it. Because no matter what measures we will take to preserve the neatness of the books, the children will desolate them. This would cost much cheaper and more children will make use of it. Secondly I would like to know if only course books will be put in the library. I think books on general knowledge and other good books will have a great impact on childrens' knowledge.

from Ayesha Shahzad Ilm-o-Amal member

mobile library
mobile library is good for ilmo amal & I think we invite the teachers from schools & we told them what type of work do our organization for needy students.Its better for the student & he will get a bright future.Thanks

from Asif Raza Ilm-o-Amal member

Mobile Library
The ideas are clear and understandable, lets go ahead. Thanks.

from Ahmed Faraz Ilm-o-Amal member

Mobile Library
The ideas are clear and understandable, lets go ahead. Thanks.

from Anonymous


from Saif Ilm-o-Amal member

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